Are You Using Sand Bags During Your Workout?


Sandbag training is not a new idea that’s entering the field of power training recently. In fact, this kind of resistance training has been utilized by various individuals from the powerlifting, wrestling, and strongman communities for years. Not only that but using forms of sandbags for training can be traced back to some of the earliest civilizations!

However, due to the vast amount of studies that were conducted on the efficacy of sandbag training, its popularity has skyrocketed over the past decade.  Since then, workout sandbags became a significant part of CrossFit training as well as military exercises too. Let’s have a brief look over the various benefits that you’ll get from incorporating sandbag training into your workout.


Dynamic Stability & Body Conditioning. Among the most popular terms that are usually linked to sandbag training are “dynamic stability” and “body conditioning”. However, these two terms usually come together to give the same meaning, which is the ability of your body to stay balanced while moving or performing a certain activity. The dynamic stability of your body is controlled by the body’s ability to condition itself and distribute its weight and power to keep your center of gravity contained within a balanced level. As you know, the sand inside these training bags will keep shifting in weight constantly as you move your body. This makes the bag unstable and puts your body in countless situations where the body needs to adjust and condition the load to stay steady while lifting. To overcome the wobbliness of a sandbag, your body will have to spend extra power and proprioception to stay balanced while in training, which leads to extra muscle activation during training.

Break the Monotony of Regular Workouts. Of course, working out and lifting will give you power and strength. However, the monotony of weightlifting training might have a bad impact on people who want real strength to handle various situations.

Sandbags, unlike other weightlifting items, have the versatility needed to break the monotony of regular exercising and give you a sense of purpose that motivates you as you workout. This is known as “functional fitness”, in which the body is able to handle any shape or form of lifting and not just dumbbells and barbells. They also make you burn more calories and boost your overall strength and gains from a workout.

Inexpensive and Portable Way to exercise. As mentioned earlier, sandbag training has been around for ages, and it might be one of the earliest forms of training. This is due to how easy it is to adjust the weights inside them to suit your own strength level while costing you almost nothing. However, commercial sandbags are quite affordable and specifically designed for that purpose. They also have rugged handles that make sandbag training safer and more convenient.


Fewer Chances for Injuries. Sandbags will minimize the chances of injuries in a variety of ways. First of all, a sandbag will activate your muscle groups as a whole due to its functional training nature. This enables you to physically workout with less weight than when you’re training separate muscles on isolation moves with barbells. With less weight to carry, injuries might not be as severe, as you’re not putting all the load on certain muscles while leaving other muscles weak and prone to injuries.

Improving the Metabolic Performance. Strength and adaptability aren’t the only things that sandbags training adds to the table. You can also enjoy a huge versatility perk because you can use these bags as an alternative to weightlifting and also a method for boosting your cardio. It was found that using sandbags as a method of High-Intensity Interval Workout (HIIT) provided a “higher metabolic stimulus” than using treadmills. Couple that with the fact that sandbags training won’t cause as much load on your joints as running on a treadmill, and you’ll have yourself a truly superior form of exercising.


Working out with sand bags gives you extra advantages from working out with regular weights.

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