Cable Rope Over Head Triceps Extension


The cable overhead triceps extension with rope attachment is an isolation exercise that allows for a pronounced stretch in the triceps muscles during the eccentric (negative) portion of the movement. It’s a great mass builder for the upper arms and there are actually a few different ways to perform this variation.

Target Muscle:


  • Triceps

ABCDEF Safety:

Alignment: Start off standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, keeping your back straight and abs tightly drawn in. Grab and hold onto a rope extension with both hands with your palms facing up and raise the rope over your head as this will be your starting position. Slowly lower the rope attachment in an arc motion behind your head, feeling a stretch and isolating your triceps muscles. Hold this position for a count, then slowly raise the rope back up to the start.

Breathing: Inhale during lowering the rope behind your head, exhale while pulling up and extending your arms.

Concentration: Keep your arms close to your head to maximum triceps engagement. Ideally, your arms should extend straight ahead, not up or down. 


Duration: Start with 3 sets of 12 repetitions, increase the number of sets or reps according to your tolerance or strength level.

Errors: Locking the elbow at the end of extension movement, tilting shoulder blades forward while extending the arms, putting too much weight and loss control or movement, not going down deep enough to stretch the triceps completely before pulling up.

Fluids: Make sure to be well hydrated before, after and during exercises.

Take away tip

  • Never load up to where you cannot maintain a stable body position. This is an isolation exercise that does not require maximum loads. Going too heavy can also be dangerous for your elbows. If possible, warm up your elbows with some presses, dips, or pushdowns before doing the extension. This oftentimes allows the exerciser to feel the triceps working better. 


Q&A: what type of exercises is the cable robe overhead triceps extension?

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