Bridge & Hamstring curl on stability ball


Bridge & Hamstring curl on stability ball

The hamstring curl with glute bridge is a beginner lower body exercise. This is a challenging exercise that targets the hamstrings and buttocks. This exercise is suitable for any fitness level.


Target muscles:

  1. Upper Legs
  2.  Glutes 
  3.  Quadriceps
  4.  Hamstrings
  5. Erector spinae

ABCDEF Safety:

Alignment: Start with your legs up on the stability ball and your hips raised several inches off of the floor. Curl the stability ball in towards your buttocks and then drive your hips up towards the ceiling. Fully contract your buttocks at the top of the motion and try to create a straight line from shoulders to knees. Slower lower your hips down towards the mat as your release the ball back to the starting position using your hamstrings and glutes.

Breathing: Inhale at the starting position, exhale while bridging, inhale during leg curl, exhale when extending your legs and finally inhale back to the starting position.


Concentration: Make sure to have full control during the entire exercise motion, ensure the movement starts with glute bridge.

Duration: start with 8 reps for 3 sets, increasing reps and sets is according to your tolerance and fitness level

Errors: Not completing a full bridge movement before the leg curl starts, starting the movement with the leg curl, irregular breathing. 

Fluids: Make sure of being well hydrated before and after exercise.

Take away tip

If you’re a sports enthusiast, you will appreciate how the inherently unstable and soft surface of the exercise ball activates your core structure, strengthens your core muscles, improves proprioception (body awareness as it moves in space), balance, coordination, and posture.


Q&A: How to apply glute bridge and hamstring curl on a stability ball?

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