HMB for muscle growth


Hydroxymethylbutyrate (HMB) is a chemical that is produced when the body breaks down leucine. Leucine is an amino acid, one of the building blocks of protein. HMB is most commonly used for building muscle or preventing muscle loss. HMB supplementation result in positive outcomes on muscle mass and functionality, related to its anabolic and anticatabolic properties and prolonged half-life time in blood. Furthermore, it was able to increase the benefits of (exercise) rehabilitation programs to enhance recovery from illness or medical procedures. There is promising evidence that HMB might support bone density, improve cognitive function, and reduce abdominal obesity. Some previous research has reported that supplemental HMB
resulted in incredible muscle mass gains ~5 times more than you typically see in similar protein/amino acid supplementation studies.

Strength gains are maximized with the use of HMB. A meta-analysis of resistance-exercise training


studies shows HMB supplementation results in increased strength gain. The studies showed increases for trained and untrained, young and elderly, and men and women. While the magnitude of the effect varies with training intensity and population studied, the overall effect was clear. HMB significantly increases strength gains when supplemented during resistance-exercise training.

HMB improves aerobic performance in average, everyday athletes. HMB is shown to increase maximal oxygen consumption (VO 2 max) and improve the respiratory compensation point (RCP). It appears that HMB may reduce metabolic acidosis, and the research also shows that it helps athletes tolerate high-intensity activity over a long period of time. Research also shows that HMB lengthens the time to the onset of blood lactate accumulation (OBLA). HMB improves the training status of endurance athletes for positive effects on endurance performance.


The recommended dosage of HMB is three grams per day for average-size
individuals. If you want to & customize & your dosage, research has shown that
38 mg per kg or 17 mg per pound of body weight each day is optimal. You
should divide the daily dosage into two  or three equal servings and take these


servings spread out over the day. In regards to HMB timing near or around a training session,

it’s recommend that you take one of your daily servings of HMB an hour before exercise to help reduce muscle damage. If you are unable to
take HMB prior to exercise, then take a dose immediately after your muscle-building workout or training session. For example, if you workout in the evening, take one serving in take your first serving right before or after your morning workout and a second serving at night.

Take away tip
HMB should be taken in combination with a balanced diet containing a daily protein intake of about one gram per pound of body weight, especially if you are actively exercising. If your diet isn’t balanced or your protein intake is low, then HMB should be combined with the appropriate vitamin, mineral, protein, or energy supplement to balance your diet.

Q&A: Can HMB improve aerobic performance?
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