Take your Gym to the beach


With the reopening of beaches around the world after the complete closing due to Covid-19, people are craving for spending their vacations around the shores as much they want to resume their fitness routines and healthy lifestyle. Which creates a great opportunities for gym owners to take the chance to benefit from the heavy gathering in beach areas, a lot of gyms are now opening what is called “seasonal gyms” for people to enjoy working out during summer time. 

Beach gyms are considered as a great marketing tool for your facility, as people will recognize your gym name, logo and services during walking by your place and watching people enjoying their time in the open air. Besides, it offers an opportunity for your sales team to start one to one conversations with new prospective who are asking about your main branches in the city and what your facility can offer not only during summer but also when they return home. 


Trainers can take the social advantage of beach gyms where they can have direct communication with new clients and represent their coaching skills for people to watch and get the desire to join the community and reach their summer goals with the help of the facility’s trainers. 

Furthermore, opening a beach gym for your clients in vacation areas will positively reflects on their loyalty to your gym, because you are strengthening the bond between your gym, clients and their trainers. Now, your clients can get out of the city and enjoy their summer time without worrying about skipping their workout of getting out of shape! Which creates a feeling of gratefulness for joining your fitness facility.

Building a beach gym doesn’t have to be a sophisticated mission same as indoor gym preparations, fancy machines are not what people looking for in the sand, instead, simple weight lifting machines, robes, weights, mats, boxes , group training equipment and a good sound system along with your trainers can fire up your beach place so it cost less to operate (you save a fortune on payroll alone), and bring in much more revenue per customer.Grapping attention can mainly relay on how much people are having a great time in your popup through working out, socializing and enjoying the summer vibes.


Take away tip

Go One Step Beyond

While you may be an expert in physical fitness, potential customers may be seeking out other ways to be healthy during summer. Consider offering nutrition classes or partner with counseling services who offer tips to battle depression or reduce mental stress in your beach gym. Helping your clients break through emotional blocks in their life is just as important as helping them get in shape.


Q&A: What’re your ideas for building a beach gym?


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