New year’s Resolutions?

This year go SMART !

It’s said “ play SMART not hard !” that’s why we’ll give you a strategy for a new year’s nutrition planning map . A” S.M.A.R.T “ goal is your guide to actually achieving your resolutions and avoid the dropout a lot of people experience after a while . Everyone likes fresh starts , as we all say “ beginnings are the best” ! it’s full of energy , enthusiasm and wellpower. Most of us have a natural bent toward self-improvement and setting new year’s resolution is like drawing the starting line for our becoming journey toward achieving physical , mental , spiritual , financial and social goals.


being more specific helps you to clarify the reason behind each nutrition habit you want to change or achieve and what you are going to do exactly to reach there . for example , instead of saying “ i want to lose weight “ to more specific goal is “ i want to get in shape by avoiding junk food to be healthier and/or fit in that dress!

make your goals Measurable

avoid making your goal vague , let numbers help you measure your goal such as, i am going to cut 500 cal/daily from my diet so your total caloric reduction will be 3500cal/week or instead of eating eating 1 and half chicken , 4 fishes ,2 beef steaks and 20 servings of vegetables and fruits every week i will have only one chicken , 2 fish , 1 beef steak , 3 servings of plant based proteins like beans and legumes and 35 servings of fruits and vegetables or drinking 5-8 of the 600mL of water bottles so your weekly target will be drinking around 5 liter or 20 liter monthly



goals – it’s better to decide starting a steady balanced diet program that doesn’t forbid certain food groups or severe caloric restriction below 1200 cal/day or instead of cutting carbs at all or take the low carb bath ,start consuming carbs only in grains and fibers form( complex carbohydrates). This will help you to adhere and commit to the new choices and prepare you for the next step towards healthy eating


make your goal relevant to your motives as our internal motivations reflects on our external behaviours so if your inner motives is increasing self-confidence , shredding few pounds to be more attractive on the beach , run the 5k marathon , have bigger muscles or tonning your body or improve your health , correlate your motives to your eating goals to encourage you and guide you to the right tailored diet that serves your motives and purpose

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