About the Egyptian squash federation


The Egyptian Squash Federation is a sports body that has an independent legal personality consisting of clubs, sports and youth organizations and is considered one of the private bodies of alifa public benefit based in Cairo and aims to spread the game and raise its level and coordinate activity between its members.
The Egyptian Squash Federation was established in 1931. Egypt was one of the first countries to practice squash, dominating its squares and stadiums early.
The Egyptian squash federation’s chairman is Mr. Assem kh

Take-away tip
Here are few tips for improving your squash game:

  1. make sure you are adequately hydrated by drinking couple of pints of water two to three hours before playing
  2. always stretch thoroughly before going to the court specially the arms and legs muscle groups
  3. warm the ball up by controlling the ball and playing back to yourself before playing with the opponent
  4. keep your eye on the ball not on the front wall and don’t lose your concentration
  5. try and aim the ball to the corners to force your opponent to run and in turn, give you more time in between shots.
  6. alternate the pace you hit the ball. Try fast, hard shots and then try slowing the game down with some slower, higher deeper shots. Note how your opponent responds.
  7. Staying calm and positive is essential as losing your cool not only motivates your opponent but also can affect your thinking which can lead to poor shot selection.
  8. Don’t get flat-footed, stay on your toes and keep your feet moving.

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