Squash the ULTIMATE sport


Squash is a sport with a great popularity worldwide and in our MENA region , According to the World Squash Federation, there are about 50,000 squash courts in the world, with 188 countries and territories having at least one court. Egypt is considered a squash “superstar” as Many professional squash competitions take place in Egypt each year . According to the PSA ( professional squash association) men/women in May2019 our champions like Ali Farag , Mohamed El Shorbagy , Raneem Elwelily and Nour El Sherbini are placed as the highest rankings among world professionals . The most prestigious Egyptian events in the PSA World Tour calendar are the El Gouna International and the Alexandria International tournaments.

Why squash ?

Squash court might be small but this sport has tremendous benefits such as


improving the cardiac health

Running, jumping and lunging to get the ball puts stress on the heart , forcing it to work harder. just like any muscle The harder the heart work , the stronger it gets

Elevates your mental health

Just like any sport , squash relieves stress due to releasing endorphins that boost your mood . However, this game requires a lot of thinking and concentration so no room for worries in the game

Increase total body strength

Beside the cardiovascular workout , it has a great effect on muscular strength . the repetitive movements of swinging the racket specially when engaging the arm muscles are great for strengthening the upper body as well as the twisting and directional changes involved to get the ball works the core muscles and activates the core stabilization . besides, the constant jumping and lunging is definitely a great leg workout.

Calorie burning

Practicing squash is a great way for losing the extra pounds because of the great effort exerted during the game . the number of someone burn during workouts is personal because it depends on how hard one works and how much the weigh. However, one can expect to burn 400-500 calories during a half-hour game.
Accordingly if one pound of fat is 3500 calories , so playing squash half an hour per day results in losing 1 pound of fat weakly and 4 pounds of fat every month. The good part is that the more fat you lose , the better your game will be!


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